How to Enlarge the Penis

Searching for a product to enlarge the penis may often seem impossible when considering the range of different products available on the market.

Penis enlargement devices, patches, pills, surgery or exercises - all these methods claim to be able to increase the size and endurance of your penis and sexual satisfaction.

However, is there any evidence? The only sure way to determine what is right for you is to research how they work and what can offer you in the long run.

Do it; You will be surprised by the differences that exist between what they say and what they can actually offer your body.

The Jelqing Method

Used for centuries by Middle Eastern men, the Jelqing has based on a series of 100 to 200 penis exercises spaced over a period of 20 minutes.

The exercises are really easy to perform and can give results either an extra length of 1.4 inches. The only disadvantage of this method is that it remains a short-term solution. Additional thumbs will not last if you do not perform regular sessions.

Penis Enlargement pills

These are a clear example of a product that claims to do one thing while doing another. Made from natural ingredients and extracts, the link between pills for penile enhancement and their ability to increase penis size is minimal.

These pills focus more on the ability to offer you an aphrodisiac quality to your sexual experience in terms of increased endurance, firmness and blood flow. None of this can be attributed to a credible increase in penis size.

However penis pills by increasing the blood in the penis provide a better erection and by dint of having more blood in the penis, the blood vessels become larger and more blood is routed into the penis. And you guessed it, more blood in the penis means a bigger penis.

Damiana - improves erectile function and length of orgasms

Tribulus Terrestris - increases endurance, strength and power

Epimedium leaf extract - libido enhancement

Red ginseng - in addition to its aphrodisiac qualities, red ginseng is also known to increase energy levels and decrease erectile dysfunction

The patches or patch to enlarge the penis

Similar to penis enhancement pills, the patches contain the same ingredients mentioned above; They are administered directly to the blood by the transdermal route.

Penis Enlargement Extenders

By far the most reliable among all these procedures, this technique seen in orthopedic surgery allows users to see results within 7 days from the application of this penile traction device on their penis.

Designed to stimulate cell replication in penile chambers, penis traction devices help the penis to develop naturally - and most importantly, permanently - by allowing penis growth of up to 30% Length and width.

For a period of 24 weeks, users can also expect to have longer orgasms; More intense erections; Corrections of the curvature of the penis up to 60% and an increase in endurance levels.

Make the right decision for your body

While penis enhancement pills and patches can contribute to better sexual satisfaction, the use of penile traction devices is the safest and most effective way in terms of penis enlargement.

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