5 good resolutions to take under the duvet

Human sexuality is very complex, but it is an integral part of our existence. Friendship, love, intimacy, spirituality, communication and sexual relations are all important aspects of healthy and stimulating interpersonal relationships. During the process of learning or sexual growth, one must be on the lookout for potential dangers or infections that can disrupt one's sexual health. In this blog we want to provide you with relevant information that will help you and your partners protect you and enjoy a healthy sex life.

Nothing like this at the beginning of the year than a focus on some clinical findings that can help you in your sex life. Do not hesitate to make good use of it!

When it comes to sex, we ask directly what the other dreams about, and we suggest actions that tempt us. It is not a question of patiently waiting for the other to understand everything "by love" or "by the number of years of a couple's life".

We innovate! Nothing like a new year to give a fresh load under the duvet. This is the moment to fulfill what until then had remained in the sexual "to do list". Each partner can share two sexual scenarios with each other, or even better, surprise her!

It is never said enough: kill routine, by actions and words. Many sexual problems and relational problem situations have their roots in a certain "laissez-faire" and a lack of maintenance of the couple. At the beginning of the relationship, compliments and interest in others are maximized, why should it be otherwise with time?

Avoid toxicity. Your partner is not an object under control, but rather a human being that develops continuously ... especially through your relational and sexual contact. And so yes, the functioning of the couple requires a certain negotiation of the things of life. We know today that if similar couples work better than complementary couples, no pair knows a perfect similarity, which would be perfectly boring. So always use the conditional to express your wishes to your partner, preferably using the "I".

Do not wait for things to change by themselves when you ask about your sexuality and / or that of your partner. The same goes for the intensity of your feelings towards him. Why ? To prevent problems from becoming a mountain of insolvent problems generating many crying. So do not hesitate to read information about serious websites (like this) or consult the professional of your choice.

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